Revision History

Version 7.9, August, 2022
-64bit Mac version.

Version 7.9.1, November 2022
-Fixed issue with the user interface not showing.

Version 7.9.4, January, 2023.
-Added option to have four EQ knobs instead of three.
-Added option to choose between parametric and band type EQs.
-Fixed issue where same artwork appeared multiple for compilations.
-Added option to show larger size artwork by right-clicking an item in the artwork browser.
-Added option to show waveforms as high, mid, low frequncies separately.

Version 7.9.5, January, 2023.
-Fixed issues with 'Device Size' preference.
-Added option to draw elapsed/remaining times and values using selected font instead of digits.
-Added option to change the font of devices and decks.
-Fixed issue with samples loading not working.
-Fixed issue where setting playback position with timeline sometimes caused interruption to playback.
-Reduced click/interruption when switching from unaltered/bypass to tempo adjustment.
-Windows version of Disco XT is also updated.

Version 7.9.6, February, 2023.
-Fixed memory release issue that caused memory to increase and increase when loading songs.
-Artworks are shown in correct order as set to sort by.
-Added grid-type artwork browser, previously only from left to right above library.
-Sorting now omits 'a' 'the' from the beginning (Preference, on by default).

Version 7.9.7, March, 2023.
-Added to 'Main Adjust' option to set playback tempo for all songs without having to adjust the tempo for songs separately.
-Added 'Start time' option to Song Sampler mode.
-Improved waveform smooth scrolling when playing song with timestretch on.
-Improved 'Houg TD 2' timestretch by some amount.
-Fixed: song list scroll position was not the same after removing songs or changing to another playlist
-Fixed: Auto-cue (automatic song starting time) not working with 'Fade Now' or in song sampler mode.

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Disco XT (C) 2001-2023 Aleksi Strandberg.