Disco XT is an audio application for DJ mixing,
music and playlist playback and effecting.

For Mac and Windows

Latest Version
March, 2023
Revision History


Dual Audio Decks
Supports USB Headphones for Headphone Listening
Supports USB Audio Interfaces for Headphone Listening
Adjusting Starting Times
Zoomable Waveform Displays
Automatic Mixing
Automatic Gain Control
Auto Trim Silence from Starts and Ends
Panning Controls
Master to Headphones Mix Control
Automation Playlist
iTunes Music Library Mirroring
Music Library with File Importing
Artwork Browser
Disk View for Music Library
Creating Playlists and Folders
Alphabet Song List Navigation
Searching with Keywords
Quick Song Prelistening
Customizable Information Columns
Multi-page Tabbed Interface
Customizable Interface / Layout
Adjusting Interface Coloring
Editable Keyboard Shortcuts
Recording Mixes
Automatic Track Markers for Recorded Mixes
Time-stretch/Tempo Control
Playback Rate Control
Automatic BPM detection
BPM Tap Counter
Play Logs
Mark Recently Played Songs
Insert Silent Track
Fast File Browser
Tabs for Music Lists
Jog Wheels
Customizable High, Mid and Low EQs
Different Transition Types
Creating New Transition Types
Realtime Transition Editor
Transition Rotation
Variable Lowpass and Highpass Filters
Variable Master Compressor
Master Limiter
Customizable Effect Chains
Microphone Input
Mic Talkover
Requests List
Genre, Artist and Album List Filtering
Limited Support for Hardware Controllers
Samples Playback

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Disco XT (C) 2001-2023 Aleksi Strandberg.